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Green Drain Waterless Trap
GREEN DRAIN is the unique new standard for floor drain trap seals.
Self-cleaning – water free – protecting against odor, gases and bugs!

Install in 4 Easy Steps
1.   Remove the grate or strainer.


2.   Match the Drain diameter with the corresponding Green Drain size.
3.   Recess the Green Drain into the pipe for maximum flow of liquids, and replace the grate.

4.   Place Green Drain into the floor drain body outlet connection, or the throat of the strainer.
  • Easy to install and easy to remove
   - No Pliers needed.

• Rquires no caulk or expensive
   installation tools.

• Saves a significant amount of time,
   water, costs and energy.

• Available in various size to make retro
   fitting easy

• The threat of disease carrying pests that hide in your drains. (I.e. Drain Flies, Cockroach’s, Fruit Flies, Silver Fish)
• The need to pour pesticides, chemical applicants and deodorizers down the drain.


• Water and water related expenses by eliminating the need for trap primers.
• Time and energy.

• The risk of harmful sewer gasses intruding your facility through drain lines.
• Costly chemical expenditures.
• Plumbing related call‐outs.
• Exterminator related call‐outs and call backs.
• Timely drain maintenance by Facility Staff and Plumbers.
• Sewer load.
• The chemical impact on our oceans and environment.
Product Sizes
Size Flow Rate
Model       Pipe size          Height L/min
GD2        50 to 58mm        51mm 45.4
GD3        75 to 85mm        51mm 128.7
GD3.5    89 to 100mm       51mm 193
GD4       102 to 110mm      51mm 276.3

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Green Drain Waterless Trap Seals

Keep Your Facility Healthier with Green Drain Waterless Trap Seals

Drains can be a breeding ground for all bacteria and other unwelcome guests, but there is a solution in the form of Green Drain waterless trap seals. These products from Green Drain address floor drain areas that might otherwise go overlooked and unaddressed. At Drainchem, we are proud to carry these high-quality and easy-to-use seals.

Signs You Should Invest in Green Drain Waterless Trap Seals

When is the right time to install waterless trap seals from Green Drain? Here are the two most prominent signs that it’s time to invest in these powerful products:

Installing a trap seal from Green Drain can help deter disease-carrying pests, prevent health problems related to sewer fumes, reduce callouts to local exterminators, and make your facility generally safer and more habitable.

Benefits of Green Drain Waterless Trap Seals

Beyond the significant benefits already discussed, the waterless trap seal from Green Drain is also extremely user-friendly, for several reasons. These include:

Why Customers Should Use Drainchem

If you are shopping for Green Drain waterless trap seals, then you’ve come to the right place. At Drainchem, we have been providing innovative and comprehensive drain care solutions for plumbers and contractors for more than 15 years. We are proud to carry products from trusted brands such as Green Drain. We are happy to help you with an appropriately-sized seal for your drain. Contact us today to get started.