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Lumberjack (LJ200)

The Lumberjack is a high speed (up to 50 000 rpm), low torque multi purpose cutter. The rotation of the Lumberjack is powered by the water pressure supplied by a common sewer cleaning jetter truck.

Although it is designed to cut roots, many of our customers use it for cutting concrete, grease, mineral and chemical deposits, tuberculate and protruding laterals. We know of no other cutter that is as versatile, reliable and user friendly for common, everyday cutting jobs. The Lumberjack series operates in pipe sizes from 3 (75 mm) up to 36 (900 mm).

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The bearings are sealed, grease lubricated and water cooled. No lubrication is required after use. It works and works with very little maintenance or care required. The standard and optional cutting accessories are designed to eliminate potential pipe damage. The low torque high-speed feature and benefit prevents getting stuck, spinning off the hose or cutting through the host pipe.

General information
The Lumberjack cutters are available in different models for optimal cleaning effect. The cutters remove roots and other common obstructions in sanitary and storm sewer pipe. The chart on next page shows the various models, weight, length and suitable pipe dimensions.

The Lumberjack cutters rotate at variable speeds with flow rates from 40 up to 900 litre per minute (10 up to 250 US Gallons per minute) at variable pressures. Each model clean the inside perimeter of the sewer pipe utilizing a filled chain link. The Lumberjack cutters also have the feature of a removable cutting blade for severe blockages. All models are supplied with propelling jet housing and some with tow ring.

The Lumberjack cutter kit is supplied with the turbine, water supply tube, chain plate/pull plate, tow ring, cutting blade, sleds, five sets of chain per sled size, propelling nozzle with jets and adapter, spanner wrench, hand tools and tool box.

The Lumberjack cutters do not require lubrication after use.

The cutter shall be free of defects due to material and workmanship and shall be covered under a one-year replacement guarantee of the bearings.


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Lumberjack (LJ200) Specifications

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 430 mm

Grease, Mineral deposits, Roots


1″, 1

Pipe dimension

150-300 mm (6″-12″)

Water flow at 100 bar /1450 PSI

180 l/min (50 US GPM)

Max. working pressure

250 bar / 3500 PSI

Rear jets

3 x 1/8″

Rotating Jets

6 x M6

No. of sleds


For recyclers

For recycler


Adapter G211

Pipe Dimension

20-160 mm (1- 6), 200-375 mm (8-15)