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VAPOROOTER is a combination of herbicides that are placed in sewer lines as a foam for the purpose of eliminating roots and preventing further destruction of sewer pipe caused by live tree roots. Only roots within the pipe and a very short distance outside the pipe are effected. Trees and shrubs immediately above ground are not harmed.


A herbicide which penetrates root cell walls, bursts them and causes the root to die and decay.

A root growth inhibitor which attaches to surface-active organic material to inhibit further root cell division or growth for approximately three years.

A surfactant blend which strips away grease and slime from the roots permitting penetration for the formulation into the root mass.

A foaming agent which provides a durable, fine-textured "vehicle" to carry Vaporooter into maximum contact with all roots and pipe surfaces.

Optimum foam Quality and quantity are achieved with the Vaporooter System for cost-effective control of your sewer root problems.