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King Dungo Paddock Cleaner

The new and improved paddock cleaner formally known as the “Mini Dungo” is one serious sucker that will get the job done effortlessly with 10 times the power of the next best machine. This Aussie built beauty will take pride of place in the garage where it will be most of the time because it will slash your work load and allow you to spend more time with your horses. You will enjoy cleaning the paddock with this powerful easy to use machine. You will want to do your next door neighbours paddock just for fun.
• The King Dungo has proved to be the most reliable and effective machine on the market.
• Exceptional power and well thought out systems make your work easier
• Low maintenance, low tech, loads of power
• Fastest pick up with fast and easy emptying system
• Manure is macerated into fine partials ideal for fertiliser
• Disposal is by a 200lt bagging system, but you can spray into a trailer or back onto the paddock
• No scrapping out manure from the collection point
• Powder coated finish in Caterpillar yellow because it’s that tough
• Tool free operations
• Super fast manure collection and disposal with limited effort.
• 600mm wide vacuum nozzle so there is no manual labour, just drive
• 1200mm wide spring steel rack system mounted on the frame rolls manure to the nozzle.
• Heavy duty hose from fan to suction point
• No suction nozzle to struggle with
• Swing down jockey wheel for easy to manoeuvring when un hitched
• The King Dungo cleans 1.5 metres of paddock with every pass
• The bag opens at the bottom allowing you to stock pile manure where you want it.
• 200 litre hessian bags also available
• Not the cheapest but the best value and performance
• Ideal for wet and dry flat, undulating and uneven surfaces
• Optional hose allows you to muck out stables effortlessly
• Most customers owned a Greystanes unit that wouldn’t do the job

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King Dungo Specifications :

Super powerful 14Hp electric start petrol engine (500cc engine)

Extra strong 1” crank shaft

An Amazing 2760m3 air flow per minute

Tough Steel construction - no plastic parts

New harder steel fan built from Bisaloy 400 for longer wearing

Only 125kg

(Click here to download a pdf - 394kb)