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Bulk Plant Wireless Emergency Shutdown

Our wireless E-Stop / emergency shutdown systems were developed to eliminate costly hard wiring of fixed location emergency stop switches. Any number of wireless remote E-Stop switches can be installed within the plant facility and communicate with one receiver/controller unit.

These systems will work in conjunction with existing, hard-wired, manual E-Stop switches and plant safety controls. Operator worn E-Stop remotes can also be added to these systems.




E-Stop Transmitter

• Compact polycarbonate receiver units are easily installed using prewired electrical harness supplied

• External antenna/coax provides up to 1000 ft (300m) operating range

• A small external ‘learn’ button allows for easy transmitter replacement. Systems are factory paired with unique 32 bit ID codes ensuring the receiver will not work with any other transmitter

• Internal diagnostic LEDS monitor battery levels, signal connection, and wiring faults for easy troubleshooting

• Receivers are energized only during pumping operations and have built-in ‘fail-safe’ feature closing all tank valves with any power loss or truck movement



Fixed-frequency remote E-Stop switch operates at 433MHz using two double “A” batteries. Transmitter is energized only when E-Stop switch is activated. Battery test button shows a “low battery” flashing LED on the E-Stop switch as well as on the receiver/controller unit. Operating range up to 1000ft.

*Daily E-Stop transmitter battery tests and scheduled battery replacement interval is strongly recommended. The E-Stop transmitters and receiver/controller shut-down will NOT operate when the remote E-Stop transmitter batteries are exhausted.


Direct sequence, spread-spectrum remote E-Stop switch operates at 2.4GHz using a rechargeable battery pack. The E-Stop switch and receiver/controller unit are connected via SafeLink – a continuous monitoring feature exclusive to BASE Engineering.
Any loss of signal connection between the remote E-Stop switch and receiver/controller results in an automatic E-Stop trigger until the signal is restored.
High powered E-Stop transmitters have an operating range of up to two miles. Transmitters must be connected to a back-up power supply as the battery pack will operate for only seven days. Back up power can be 12/24VDC, 120/240VAC, and solar powered where practical.