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WGP-1™ Maximum Puller


 • For Lines 152-457 mm
 • Up to 206 bar
 • Flows 190-300 l/min
 • Up to 40% More Thrust

With Up to 40% More Thrust

Our new WGP-1™ is designed to produce up to 40% more pulling power than our WG-1 Classic™. The rear facing jets are angled more sharply and the centralizer fins have been streamlined. We’ve also added two more centralizer fins for a total of six. The result is more pulling power to navigate longer lines and moderate inclines, plus easier retrieval of the tool.

It features 5 jet ports, with a boring jet offset at 15˚ and four jets at 155˚, plus the inlet port is available in either 1” NPT or BSPP. This tool will greatly benefit contractors with operating pressures of 172 bar or less.

Maintenance Manuals
Warthog® WGP-1™ – View PDF
WGP-1™ Specifications
Maximum Pressure 200 bar
Operating Pressure 100-200 bar
Rotation Speed 150-300 rpm
Flow 190-300 l/m
Flow Rating 4.6 Cv
Pulling Force 450-623 Nm
Inlet Port 1 NPT or BSPP
Tool Diameter 107 mm
Length 231 mm
Ports 5 x 1/8 NPT
Weight Complete 4.9 kg
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